World of Goo is a natural life where goos can save the world from building for the graceful future.

Team World of GooEdit

Black GooEdit

The main goo who was a heroine of the team of course.

Green GooEdit

She is a lovely goo who now can multiplied herself into x4 and x2 at the same time.

White Bulb GooEdit

The bulb one who had bright eyes color and look at dark sounth.

Red GooEdit

The burning goo who spit out fire instead of being burned himself.

Visible GooEdit

The goo that he usually blow with water from his mouth.

Float GooEdit

The goo who can really now fly and blow enemies.

Spike Bomb GooEdit

Who explode eniies into death of their life.

Porcupine GooEdit

The yellow guy with age about 17 or 18 maybe but denfinitly unknown age.

Cyber GooEdit

The goo who can move to another gravity and now can run up walls and cielings.

Squared GooEdit

The goo from chapter 4 which is the saem as Black Goo but different power.


The Goo who was the same name as Spider-Man from Marvel Comics.

Pink BallyEdit

She is the biggest goo who just roll fast.

Tan BallyEdit

She can do a Ball of Tornado attack as her new moves.

Square BlockEdit

The block who was just a boring square but not really that boring square.

Rectangle BlockEdit

The block was even taller than Square. He is about to take the tallest built of all.