The Super Monkey Ball series is a series of arcade platform games developed by Amusement Vision and distributed by Sega.

Team Super Monkey BallEdit

AiAi the MonkeyEdit

AiAi is a monkey in the Super Monkey Ball series and is the main character. He is playable in every Super Monkey Ball game. He is a carefree monkey who only thinks about bananas. He is willing to go on adventures for them. He is highly intelligent and has a knack for completing stages, despite the fact that Baby is the brains of the team. AiAi is the leader of the team.

MeeMee the MonkeyEdit

MeeMee is a character who first appears in Monkey Ball. She is the mother of Baby and the wife of AiAi. MeeMee loves AiAi, but she thinks that he loves bananas more than her. MeeMee is the team's cutie, though she acts as a second-in-command.

Baby the MonkeyEdit

Baby is a character in the Super Monkey Ball series. He is the son of AiAi and MeeMee, but he comes from the future. Baby was originaly called, AiAi Jr. In Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, he has taken on a more futuristic look with high tech, slick shades, before then he wore nothing but a diaper and a pacifier. Baby is the brains of the team.

YanYan the MonkeyEdit

YanYan is a character the player can play as in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. She is fearless and fast but can show her shy side because she has a crush on AiAi. She is also great at the martial art Hachi-en-Ken. YanYan is seen as an energetic girl. Her father, the strongest ape in the world, taught her Hachi-en-Ken. In Story Mode of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, YanYan is the highest jumper of all the characters.

GonGon the MonkeyEdit

GonGon' is a monkey in the Super Monkey Ball series. He used to be AiAi's rival, but later became his friend. He is strong and is training to be the strongest monkey in the world. GonGon is the muscle of the team