Super Mario

Mario series post!

Title Super Mario
Year 1981
Publisher Nintendo
Leader Mario
Prime Leader Luigi
Media Video Games
Country Japan




Number Code



Action Adventure


Mushroom Kingdom

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Super Mario is the most popular Nintendo Game.

Team MarioEdit


Mario is a legendary hero who eats mushrooms and save Princess Peach from King Bowser in his past games. His first appearance was Donkey Kong in 1981.


Luigi was Mario's most powerful sidekick and brother. His first appearance was Mario Bros in 1983. His eyes were green in TV shows of Mario, then later, they turned blue in the late 1990s or 2000.


Yoshi is a green dinosaur who make eggs and eat enemies. There are other color Yoshis such as blue, yellow and red from Super Mario World in 1990. Actually, Yoshi is way better then Barney the dinosaur in Sonic Splendid Team, our most upcoming series from now on.


Birdo was a pink dinosaur and Yoshi's girlfriend who had big hole like a vaccume cleaner.

Princess PeachEdit

Peach is a princess who was Mario's girlfriend and she was always been kidnaped in many games except some games like Super Mario Bros 2, Sonic Team video games, Super Princess Peach and Super Mario 3D World.

Princess DaisyEdit

She was Luigi's love interest. She was kidnap on her first appearance Super Mario Land in the year 1989 or 1990. It does not matter what year would you pick.


Toad was a living mushroom but not the only one. He has became much popular with his friends as different colors of course.


Toad's girlfriend who can get super mario powers.


He first appears in Mario RPG in the early 1996 before Super Mario 64. He could help mario to save his princess from King Bowser.

Donkey KongEdit

Donkey Kong is Mario's old rival in the year 1981 as his first game Donkey Kong from the arcade.

Diddy KongEdit

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's son or what ever. He was the small monkey and he could be a pet or be kept in with Donkey Kong.


Wario is the other name of Mario. He is a yellow bro and thick one that was strong forever to compare with.


Waluigi is the other name of Luigi. He was tall and thin and he could stretch high or maybe he does that as his powers.


King BowserEdit

Bowser always want to kidnap the princess and he does not want Mario to save her.

Bowser JrEdit

Bowser Jr is the kid who want to battle with Mario or Sonic.