Space Goofs
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The Space Goofs are back on Sonic Studios!

Title Space Goofs


Publisher Xilam
Leader Etno Polino

Prime Leader

Candy Caramella
Media Shows
Country France



Appropriate for everyone!

Number Code



Comedy Series


The Haunted House

Previous Team

Ben 10

Next Team

Angry Birds

Space Goofs is the show that has 5 superheroes and are allies with Sonic and his friends from other dimensions.

Team Space GoofsEdit

Etno PolinoEdit

Short and purple with red lips and a big nose, Etno is the brains of the group. A scientific genius, he creates all sort of machines. He is best friends with Silver

Candy CaramellaEdit

Small and green with a wrinkled forehead and wearing a polka-dotted apron. Candy is the uptight neatfreak of the group. He gets in touch with his feminine side, especially he disguises himself as women.

Bud ButiovitchEdit

Bud Buiovitch

Bud is one of my favorite character in the show!!!!!

Tall and orange with three strands of hair, a long neck and big bloodshot eyes, Bud is lazy and naive. He acts as the teenager of the group which makes him somewhat adolescent. He is a television addict and spends most of the time sitting in front of it and drinking soft drinks. Like Etno, Bud is always the last one to panic in a situation. He always comes up with the best solution but most of the time no one will listen to him.

Gorgious KlatooEdit

Fat and blue with a heavy chin and a protruding tooth, Gorgious is the grumpy and brutal one. He is very greedy and his hobby consists of bullying the others and eating.

Stereo MonoviciEdit

Two-headed and red in which each head has a slightly long nose, Stereo acts as two people since each head has its own mind. "He" is pretty much the bookworm of the group, yet wastes his intelligence on the most useless information often. He often argues with himself. They both have a crush on Ronny and Rose.

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