Rayman and Rabbids were now start their teamwork.

Team Rayman and RabbidsEdit


Rayman is the main protagonist of the video game series same name created by Ubisoft game designer Michel Ancel. He first appeared in 1995 on the Atari Jaguar, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and MS-DOS.


In Rayman Raving Rabbids they began appearing out of the ground and quickly took over Rayman's world, kidnapping him and the Baby Globoxes. They forced Rayman to compete in various gladiatorial events (namely odd minigames), and rewarded him only with plungers. Rayman eventually used all the plungers he got from them to build a ladder to freedom, but after escaping realized the Rabbids still had the baby Globoxes and he would no longer be around to apologies.


Barbara is the princess of forest and castle world in Rayman series.


Globox is Rayman's best friend and sidekick in the Rayman series. He resembles a blue frog-like creature. He also fat looking. He once gobbled a dark-lum lord named André. He had a wife named Uglette.


Uglette is Globox's wife in the Rayman series.


The Teensies are all the characters in the Rayman series.


Clark is the giant person in the Rayman series.

Holly LuyaEdit

Holly Luya is the beautiful Singing Nymph in Rayman Origins.