Oscar's Oasis is came from Disney XD and being the funniest cartoon of all, and it was also appeared in Nintendo 3DS.

Team OasisEdit

Oscar the LizardEdit

The main character of the show. He is a lizard that is now going to work with Popy, Buck, and Harchi. Oscar is always trying to catch flies and find some water, but most of the time things don’t come out right.

Popy the BossEdit

A fennec fox, the boss of the team, the one who gives the orders. As shown in the episodes Pronto Express and Bad Seed, she is also greedy.

Buck the VultureEdit

A vulture, the nerd of the team, he always approves when Harchi gets yelled at by Popy.

Harchi the HyneaEdit

A hyena, the brawn of the team, he is given the physical jobs. He normally acts as the driving force behind the makeshift cart that he along with his friends chase Oscar or the chickens with. In the event of them taking a collective tumble, it’s he who catches everyone so they avoid the ravine. Sometimes he can also show stupidity.