My World's American Place
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The mixup of 8 main stars.

Title My World's American Place


Publisher Trexters
Leader Gery Bombay

Prime Leader

Marco Grace
Media Show
Country United States



Appropriate for everyone!

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American Place

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Rebecca SuperStar

My world has a great fantasy characters and it has no voilent for kids and family to see.

Team American PlaceEdit

Gery BombayEdit

Gery is a Stuart tabby cat who is the main protagonist in American Place. He is usually an 18 year old young man who may agree with anything.

Luna LinzdardEdit

Gery’s girlfriend who dislike the part of her homework. She loves decorating and designing with Gery.

Marco GraceEdit

Marco is Gery’s best friend who was 17 years old Amber Chamber Cat. He is almost got late to college.

Gizmo LinzdardEdit

The Gecko who disagree that red is blood color. She applies anything but her friends.

Leon ClarkEdit

The character who knows everyone’s phone number and does not know religions. His religion was Portesant. He like to discover the world as a spy. He was Steven’s older brother.

Barbara JazzEdit

The most beautiful lady who loves flowers and trees and sunshine. She does not care about expelled and suspended behavior as she not do any of these stuffs.

Steven ClarkEdit

Steven was Leon’s younger brother and he discover the remaining of his own family.

Handy PawsEdit

Handy’s gloves was black and looks like his paw-print he made. He knows every direction to go with.


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