Gladiators of Rome is when mens fight to save Roman Empire.

Team GladiatorsEdit


Timo is a legend war man in Roman Empire. he was used to be an orphan but he did the best thing that the God would love him in heaven.

Princess LucillaEdit

'Lucilla' is th eonly child of her family. She was Timo's wife since we can't wait for this. She was based on a Queen like Queen Elisabeth I (1533-1606) so Timo had to marry her because of her real reason.


Cassio is the riachest, handsome and the best fighter in the Roman Empire. He still had his chance to believe to us once again and he retried bad luck.

Princess DianaEdit

Diana is the Goddest of Hunt in the Roman Empire. She was the other princess that marries Cassio. because Cassio thinks that she was the female God and real God.

Baby GladiatorsEdit

Baby Gladiators like to join their funny ways and they were not really annoying but cute like babies. They are both noisy and quiet.


Ciccius is Timo's best briend and the greatestt overweight fighter that he is now. No one would allow to punish him because he was too lucky to be punished.


Chirone was Lucilla's father in the Roman Empire. He was body loss, big muscle guy do that means he says "No steroids to take! Steroids are bad for you and steoids are drugs!"


Mauritius is Timo's Longtime friend/oldtime buddies in Roman Empire. He was very fancy and lucky to be the most important fighter of all.

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