Animal Mechanicals
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Animal Mechanical can do it! An animal mechanical can!

Title Animal Mechanicals


Publisher DHX Media
Leader Tool Komodo

Prime Leader

Flyin Unicorn
Media Shows
Country Canada


Appropriate for absolutely no one

Number Code



Action Heroes


Mechanical Tower

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The Haunting Hour

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The Choricles of Narnia

Animal Mechanicals robotic animals made from melted down sex toys, each one of them was a different colour dildo.

Team Animal MechanicalsEdit

Muscle RexEdit

Rex came from a melted down Green vibrator that actually belonged to a gay man. Because of his traumatic past being stuffed into a gay man's anus, and being a vibrator causes him to sporadically vibrate time to time, much to the approval of that pink slut.

Flying UnicornEdit

Pink Unicorn also came from a Vibrator but a pink one, she belonged to a Hot Model, so I don't think that's too bad

Tool KomodoEdit

Tool komodo came from a red BDSM chain, melted down to make him. He was actually in the movie, fifty shades of grey

Stretchy SasquatchEdit

Sasquatch came from 50 melted down nipple and cock rings. He gets his hardness from the nipple rings and the stretchiness from the cock rings.

Speedy MouseEdit

Speedy mouse came from a yellow dildo, her owner used her so fast she became fast.
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